Progressive Jackpots

Most progressive jackpots are played on a number of levels so be prepared to have to play three or four games in one to win the cash. For example, if there were three games to play, you would need to win on every one of them at the same time to win the jackpot. Of course the odds of progressively winning are very low which is why casinos can afford to have such high prize funds.

Not all sites have progressive jackpots on them and they mostly tend to be available on fruit machine sites so have a look around for the best that suits you before settling on any one in particular.

Most sites will allow you to have a ‘Play for Fun’ account which means that you can try out the games without spending a penny which is great. It gives you the opportunity to practise and develop some strategies before reaching for the wallet. It also means that you won’t waste your money learning how the game is played. In saying that, some will not let you practise for fun on the progressive jackpot games so watch out for those and stick with the ones that let you have a go for free.