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Uk casinos have found the best casino games that let you play for free. When we say free, we mean absolutely free! You don’t have to give these chaps your email address or even download any software.

Some of the best games are below, there are more games listed on the right hand side of this page too. Now you can’t win any money playing these games, but you also can’t lose any. It’s a great way to learn how to play popular casino games without losing your shirt.

Just select the game you fancy playing and then click the ‘play now’ button next to it. The casino games will open in a new window and start to play automagically. All the games here are instant play flash games, which means they don’t take long too load. On a broadband connection they will almost be instantaneous.

Featured Free UK Casino Games

Free Baccarat Game

The famous Dunes casino introduced baccarat in the late 50’s, and since then it has made its final migration onto the World Wide Web. Now you can try it for free.
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Free Keno Game

Keno developed from a form of ancient Chinese lottery. Like the lottery Keno is simply a game of luck. So pick your numbers and cross your fingers.
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Casino Craps

Funny name for a game! – A very popular American casino game, never really understood it myself! It seems you throw a dice and then bet if someone is going to come! It’s all very exciting and odd.
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