Virtually all online UK casinos offer fruit machines and slots but with so many out there you have to look at the differences between them all to decide on the ones that suit you best. Firstly decide how much you want to spend. Some games can be played for just 10p a go while others are more expensive. Saying that, the payouts on the more expensive machines also tend to be higher but if you’re only out to have a laugh and to try out a few games then sticking to the lower budget machines will serve you best.

The games themselves will also differ, for example; some will be quite basic and very easy to pick up where you just bet and roll and hope for three in a row and some will be a little trickier and have a more complicated way of playing and winning. The advice here is to try them all out on the free or fun play, pick the ones you like best or the games you win the most money on and then play for real.

A lot of the sites also have a payout section where you can find out how much was paid out to the winners in the last month. The sites that have paid out the most could be a good place to start if you’re not sure where you want to play. As many of these sites don’t require you to open a real account you can browse free of charge until you find the one that has the best games and the best payouts for you.